How to clean your room FAST

Hello, Well I was thinking a lot of girls do not relize how easy it is to clean ur room without putting stuff in ur closet and putting stuff under ur bed. Most of yall r probaly thinking I don’t do that, well u probly did at one time. The first thing u need to do is get thinking how can I clean my room and make it better?? Well re-organize, It makes a big difference. U will really think wow I see how easy this was when u r done. I know this is hard for most but this is a pre-teen website so if u still have “toys” give them to a sibling if u cannot part with them or put them in the attic, or THROUGH THEM OUT! I would probly put mine in the attic if I had a lot but I don’t, and I am not saying yall do! So put “toys” away and get rid of them. And then re-organize, 1 cause ur parents will be happy and u will feel extra mature. I always do when I clean up my room! So I hope that helps!

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