What to wear to a wedding?!?!

Hey girls, This is a topic most 
do not look up offten but I have
 some tips on how to dress for a 
wedding! Please relize I didnt 
come up with this and I am not 
convincing pre teens to wear
 low cut dresses!

Spring Wedding

For creating a spring mood, draw your attention to bright colors and light fabrics. Flounces, frills, embroidery, loose silhouette are elements to watch out for. Do not choose a white colour for anyone’s wedding, it’s not a good idea for obvious reasons, ivory would be more appropriate. The dress should not be a mini, tea length would be much more appropriate for a romantic dress.  In the spring, elegant stylish dresses will be better than corsets and ball skirts. Vintage styles from the 1920s and 1930s are cute, and can make a woman look more like a gentle nymph than a vamp. And this is exactly what you need for creating the proper spring mood. For men, clothes that they usually wear to a church or a business office are sufficient. An elegant shirt with slacks and a tie should do the trick. Jackets are optional and depend on the wishes of the wedding ceremony hosts.

Summer wedding

Summer weddings are great for a  low-cut evening number. But please should remember the golden rule – to bare your top you should close your bottom. Try on a few summer dresses, ones with shoulder straps in butter, blue or pink are fantastic options. Full length vintage dresses of the twenties with embroidery and ruffles on the bottom of the skirt will look absolutely stunning.  More glamorous vintage evening dresses of the forties in beige, gold or cream are also wonderful selections. And men should wear suits in bright colors, unless of course the invitation card has instructions about a less formal dress code.

Autumn Wedding

If the wedding is scheduled for autumn you can choose more vibrant colors such as variations of red, blue or green. More classic colors such as cream or beige are also acceptable. Autumn frees you to wear cute outfits. A little more cleavage, a slightly higher slit on the skirt, or even sheer chiffon are all appropriate and, at times, a necessity! Welcome to the glamorous vintage of thirties and the mature romance of vintage dresses worn by women who know what they want.

Winter wedding

One huge upside to a winter wedding is being able to outshine a basic outfit with stylish outerwear. A Vintage velvet coat or prom lace jacket, depending on the weather, are solid choices for a winter wedding. Colors can be roughly the same as for the fall, except black and white contrasts can be thrown in the mix. Men can relax a bit, wearing a beautiful sweater instead of a jacket.

When you are choosing a dress for a wedding, it is better to be guided by your personal taste and common sense. Be a little bit more conservative than usual – as if you were going to church. And then your choice would certainly be relevant, convenient and attractive.

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