Cars 2 reveiw! Made by: Haley Posted by Ashlyn

Cars 2: a must see, must buy movie. It was so funny, and adventure filled. It has a valuable friendship lesson, but also involves mystery. Is there a need to say more?

Who is on what team?
Will good or bad win?
Is allinol really bad?
Will u see it?

Please review my review, and give me feedback.





Summer is here so here r some fun things to do!!!

1. have a friend over and go swimming

2. have a sleep over

3. go hang out at the park

4. Though a party

5.  listen to some music (have a dance party with friends)

6.  cook

7.  reorganize ur room

8. decorate ur room

9.  Go to as many parties as possible

10.  CAMP IN UR OWN BACKYARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Try all these things and make sure u have a fantastic summer!!!!!!!



Party Ideas….

Surprise for the birthday guests:
Birthday person’s parent goes to each house to pick up the guest and places a black cloth around their eyes and led to the vehicle.
From there the parent drives to a planned party area such as a camp, etc.  While blindfolded they are asked to act like a chicken, moo like a cow and other things…Use your imagination.  This should be videotaped.

Mall Fun:
Scavenger Hunt:
Prepare the night before by going to the mall to find or think of things for the hunt.   i.e.:  number of stairs, escalators, things in shop windows, lost receipt, etc.  The day of the party give each team a list of the items and within a specified amount of time see who comes up with the correct answers/items.
Party Favor / Game:  Give each person $5.00 and see how many items they can purchase in a limited amount of time.
Hit the pizza parlor (or other) afterwards.

Limo Romp:
Hire a limousine.  Pick up the party goers and take them to a restaurant for dinner.  Best best would be an “50’s Diner” someplace were they can play goofy games.  Make sure the limo is stocked with soft drinks, music, etc.

Hotel Party:
Get a two bedroom hotel room.  One for the kids and one for the parents.  Make sure it has all the amenities like pool and game room.   Bring lots of popcorn, sodas, videos, etc (or if you prefer room service).   Let the maids clean up the mess the next day.

Beauty Salon:
Take the girls to a beauty salon to have their hair and nails done.  Or do up their hair and nails at home in conjunction with a slumber party.  For an activity, decorate pillow cases.  Purchase one plain white case for each girl.