Book Review: “Before You Meet Prince Charming”

I recently had the pleasure to read this book… and have finished it. I found it very encouraging and helpful in the ways of walking in purity.


It talks about whether you should date or not, and waiting for your future prince. It also talks about drawing closer to our heavenly Father while waiting.


I’ve learned that you must commit yourself to Yahweh (God) and surrender all things, for Him to wholly guide you. Because you don’t want to miss what He has prepared for you. I know it will be a hard journey for anyone who is willing to do just that. I know it will be a hard one for me. But with prayer and supplication, you will make it through. Because nothing is impossible with Yahweh (God).

I would highly recommend this book and give it a five star rating.  =)


Created by: Jenna


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