Plain Jane part 2

Plain Jane: Part 2

Written by Valerie Cotnoir

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“Get out of the way, Plain Jane!” I tumbled into the mud puddle nearby. Realizing I was too dirty to ride the bus now, I started walking. It was Vanessa who had knocked me over on her way inside the bus. Figures I would run into her. She was the leader of the “most popular” group.

I wanted to go home and change, now my shirt and pants were all wet and muddy, but then I would be late for school and get the first ever tardy note I would ever have received. I would rather be dirty then get a tardy note. Of course my teachers would forgive me; they knew I was the good kid who did the studying and answered questions right and never disrupted the class, but still…

I walked down the street, crossed the intersection and ran into the schoolyard, whizzing by the soccer and volleyball nets. For extra credit I had played volleyball last year. Bad idea. So I had quit this year, even though I was the best on the team. Coach would miss me, but no one else would. Vanessa’s group had been on that team.

I reached class in time. Vanessa’s desk is right in front of mine. Sadly, I’m surrounded by her group. One girl from her clique is sitting behind me and two others on either side. I am surrounded by cruelness.

Vanessa has black hair and recently she got pink highlights. She wears too much eyeshadow and mascara and has dark green eyes. Not a single freckle. She wears, well, weird clothes if you ask me. Unmatched skirts and shirts, belts and leggings and boots and shiny bracelets and big earrings. She is what you might say, “just a bit much”.

Vanessa has five other girls in her group. Annette, Madeleine, Brittany, Courtney and Jeanette. They are like Vanessa in sense of clothing and make-up. Annette has reddish-orange hair and light green eyes. Madeleine and Brittany have blonde hair and blue eyes. Courtney has brown hair and brown eyes. Jeanette has black hair and blue eyes and glasses, but of course, the most stylish glasses you can buy under $300.

Everyday was the same thing. I ignored the group and they noticed me. I tried to listen the teacher and they tried to catch my attention and make me mess up. Rarely do they succeed.

Something hit my arm. I was used to this, so I didn’t shriek, but merely looked down. What do you know?–a note. They were trying to haunt me with it. I crumbled it softly and stuffed it in my pocket. I would throw it away after class. The problem with ignoring them, is they keep on what they are doing until they are noticed. So note after note after note hit me and note after note after note was crumbled and put in my pocket. Finally, I became so irritated that I gave them the satisfaction and opened one, not intending to really read. But when you open something like that, you can’t really help it, can you?

Dearest Plain Jane,

How terribly sorry I am of your predicament. Won’t you meet me at the swings during recess and we can make up all our differences and forget the past? We will call you ”Dear Unique Jane”, no longer Plain Jane if you will forgive and become our friend.


Vanessa Annette Madeleine Brittany CourtneyJeanette

To Be Continued…


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