Plain Jane Part 3

Plain Jane: Part 3

Written by Valerie Cotnoir

Previous: Signed,

Vanessa Annette Madeleine Brittany CourtneyJeanette

Jeanette is the secret code Jeanette uses to spell her name. She is a little weird…well, silly. I don’t know how she ever joined Vanessa’s group. Maybe because her dad is really rich and owns a red Ferrari they can ride in.

My eyes widened. They wanted to be forgiven? Is that why they persisted? They wanted to be myfriend? Nope. I wouldn’t fall for it. It was a trick for sure…wasn’t it? I had never gotten a note like this before…which meant it was a new trick. They were despicable. I would stay away from those swings.

At recess I avoided the swings and watched the boy’s soccer game. I knew I would be teased if I watched the girls’ volleyball game. After a few minutes I turned around and saw the swings empty, no one around them, just moving gently in the wind. I couldn’t see Vanessa’s group anywhere. Swings were my favorite part of the playground and I was bored. Why not? Nothing was going to happen. I walked over to them.

Well, I can’t really explained what happened next. It happened so fast, I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m pretty sure this is how it happened:

I walked towards the swings. I heard a shout and when I looked behind me, a group of big 8th grade boys were chasing me. I started running now to the safety of the playground. They wouldn’t climb up the slide, right? I slipped somewhere along the way and hit my head. Next thing I knew Vanessa was standing over me smirking along with the others…except for one person, Jeanette. She looked sympathetic…anyway, Vanessa said something, but my head was all fuzzy and I couldn’t make anything out. I tried to sit up and saw my leg bleeding and my shirt dirty all over again. And then… nothing.

I do remember the rest though. I woke up in the nurse’s office and the first thing I saw was the clock striking 4 o’clock. I sat up immediately and started to cry out, but then the nurse helped me lay back down.

“You hurt yourself pretty badly,” she said gently, looking down at me with kind eyes. My right leg hurt and so did my head, but the rest of me felt all right except for some bruises on my arms.

“Dearie,” the nurse said as she bandaged my leg. “This isn’t the first time you’ve been bullied is it?” I wasn’t afraid to tell the nurse no. What difference would it make if she knew or not?

“A lot of us kids get bullied,” I managed to say. I was surprised at how my voice was so weak and how it hurt to talk.

“And I thought it was the 6th graders who had a hard time,” the nurse muttered. “I called your parents, but they should have been here an hour ago.”

“Dad’s at work and Mom has the little kids,” I said. “Just a little more rest and I can walk home.”

“Oh no you won’t,” the nurse objected. “I was tempted to bring you to the hospital when I saw your leg. Good thing I have the right equipment.” The nurse sat down on the bed next to me.

“Dearie,” she said softly. “You must tell your parents what those bad kids are doing to you.” I nodded, but knew I wouldn’t get the chance. They were always so busy and besides, they wouldn’t take me out of middle school for a few scrapes and bruises. Anyway, Dad would just say, “Ignore ’em, that’s what I did,” and Mom would nod.

To Be Continued…


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