How to Organize ur Closet

Step 1: Get rid of it

Get rid of things not in use, or things u just don’t need. This will make things easier 4 u and u won’t have all this stuff lying around. If u just can’t say good bye 2 it because it’s something special – a scarf Grandma knitted 4 u, or a pair of ur baby shoes, write about it and all it meant 2 u in a journal, or get a box and mark it “keepsakes” and then u won’t b keeping everything like that lying around. Maybe even put it in the attic 2 get it out of the way.

Step 2: Take it Out

take ALL the clothes, shoes, bags, belts, scarfs, all the stuff in ur closet out. Lay the clothes on ur bed, and the shoes and other stuff on the floor in the corner. Now ur room will b a MESS, but remember – It gets worse before it gets better.

Step 3: Clean

u would b surprised how much dust can build up in ur closet, because really, how often do u clean in there? Vacuum or sweep the floors, wipe down the walls, dust the shelves, whatever u need 2 do 2 make it clean.

Step 4:Clothes

organize ur clothes in rainbow order. red, pink, orange, yellow, etc. put them on new hangers that match. not a jumble of wire ones from the dry cleaners, metal ones, plastic ones from the clothing store, have the same hangers 2 make it look nice.

Step 5: Shoes

u can organize ur shoes on racks, shelves, or shoe hangers with pockets found at the store. Whichever u choose, put light colored shoes at the top, white, gray, cream etc. and darker shoes toward the bottom, black, brown, purple etc. Then, in those catagories, put high heels toward the left, and flats closer to the right.

Step 6: Accessories

u can organize ur accessories on the wall, with nails, or in drawers. My opinion is on the wall because it is a space saver. accessories r easy 2 organize because it looks great even if u don’t do it in rainbow order. just neat and not all tangled up is enough.

by now, your closet should b pretty much organized, i hope u had fun!


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