Hello Sandrine asked me to post this so here ya go!! 🙂





I was wondering if anyone knew anyways to make some money!





5 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Well, I’m not positive about what u mean, but

    I put a dollar bill in front of me and copy it ( it’s never EVER perfect ) and then lightly go over it with a green crayon or pencil…

  2. Ohhhh, ok, I know what u mean now.

    1. Ask ur parents if u can start getting paid to do chores around the house.
    2. Go through ur stuff and sell any unwanted items on Craigslist.
    3. Ask permission with ur church, and see if u can sell cross necklaces ( that u make ) to people walking in:

    That’s all I have. But, I will put more soon… As soon as I have more… 😉 🙂 😀 ;D :O) 0:)

  3. lol….I was just asking this same question! I get a commission once every month…. and right now I’m trying to save it for a camera! So…I’m trying to figure out how to save faster 😛 not that that will happen…. hmm

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