Acne tips!

1. Wash ur face! ( I suggest Clean and clear foaming wash, or “velocity” which is a face wash from Mary Kay.)
2. Dry ur face
3. Use a good toner. ( I suggest either a Mary Kay 1 or this one brand called “Avalon Organics” they have an amazing Hydrating toner I got mine at wal mart!)
4. Use an acne treatment gel or cream ( cream is the best! I use Clean and clears acne treatment cream and u just apply it, let it DRY, THEN wash it away!)
5. Use a moustrizer because the toner and acne treatment gel will dry ur face out! Any kind works well.
6. Always wash ur face b4 u put on make up, and take it off EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!
7. LOVE UR SKIN!!!!!!!

I made these my self and this has worked well for me! 🙂