Your New Look

Step 1: The basics

Have you ever wanted blonde highlights in your hair but dont want to use harmful bleach and chemicals that cause major damage to your hair? SOLUTION:Lemon juice!

1. Get several lemons and juice them.

2.put on grubby clothes and SUNSCREEN!!!!!!! PLEASE i dont want to cause anyone to get a big ugly, painful, itchy sunburn (but if you do, Aloe Vera will do the trick!)

3. put a visor on and pull hair out over it. this will protect the skin on your face.

IMPORTANT: don’t just pour the lemon juice on you head it will probably irritate your scalp, instead dunk your fingers in the juice and grab small strand of hair here and there to creat a natural look.

4. sit out in the sun for about thirty minutes.

5. get inside or in the shade and leave the lemon juice in for as long as you can.

6. shampoo and condition hair.

Have fun!!!

STEP 2: create a make up style for yourself

i am ALWAYS for a natural look. Lipgloss, bronze eyeshadow, small amount of eyeliner and mascara

try shopping at ULTA.

Bridget Mendler, from Good Luck Charlie on Disney Channel has a great make up style. Very natual and simple. Lip gloss, small amounts of mascara and eyeliner and a very pretty hair style!


Step 3: nothing shows you love summer like a good pair of cute sunglasses! I suggest Target!

Step 4:

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find  a cute swim suit!!!!

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