Bedroom Crafts! :)

Bedroom crafts!


Here are some ways to refresh your bedroom without giving it a brand new makeover!





Pillows: Add pillows. You can buy pillows or you can make one from scratch, or I’ve seen at Hobby Lobby pillows that are already stuffed but are white, so you could make a pillowcase for it and maybe even add letters to that say “Love” or whatever you want. Or you could decorate it with fabric markers. The pillows come in different sizes too!


Blanket: You don’t have to change your comforter to change your bedspread. You can add a blanket to the edge of your bed to add a new look!





Flowers: Take the flower off the stem of a fake flower. Use poster putty to stick them on the wall.


Frames: Frame cute scrapbook paper or artwork on you wall.



This is all I thought of for now but I’ll add more later.

One tip I strongly suggest is keep your room clean! I have realized I love my room the most when it’s clean. Keeping your room neat and organized makes it easier to clean later. Instead throwing your backpack, clothes, etc. on your bed or the floor take the time to put it away, that way later you don’t have a big mound of stuff to pick up. It will also make your mom happy!






Walls and Windo…

Walls and Windows
Turn your walls and windows from jail-like cells into colorful expressions of your personal style.
Make a magazine collage: Save your music, fashion, art and travel magazines to make collages all over your doors or over an entire wall.
image.jpegChristmas lights: Christmas lights are pretty cheap, and you can keep them up all year to bring in a festive, welcoming atmosphere to your room.
image.jpegPostcards: Save postcards that friends and family send to you to make a collage hang in an artistic arrangement.
Bulletin board: You can use your bulletin board for reminders, phone messages and notes, but you can also use it to hang up photos, charms, and postcards.
Wire Photo Wall: Turn your room into a photo gallery when you take on this simple project.
Make your own curtains: You can make curtains out of any fabric you want, even old patterned or newly bleached or tie-dyed sheets.
Ask retailers and theaters for old posters: Movie theaters, music and movie retailers, and even clothing or accessories retailers are usually willing to give away old signs and posters, so don’t be afraid to ask.
Just use the frames: Get a bunch of decorative art frames from a vintage store and hang them up (sans pictures) for an interesting art project.
Colored chalk: Write all over your walls with colored chalk, which should wash off easily.
Frame your cards: hang all of your holiday or birthday cards in a framed corkboard display.
Ribbon board: Similar to a bulletin board, this easy-to-make memo or photo board looks way prettier with some extra fabric and ribbon.
here are several easy ways to turn it into a creative addition, inside and out.
Full-length mirror: Unless you know how to cut glass, you’ll have to actually buy a full-length mirror, but they aren’t that expensive (and are definitely worth it). Mirrors bring more light into the room, and you can decorate the borders with paint pens.
DIY Whiteboard: Follow John Murch’s instructions to make your own whiteboard for your door. You can leave different messages or designs and invite others to draw on it as well.
Silhouettes: Make silhouettes of you and your friends to hang on the outside of your door out of wrapping paper.
      Furniture and bedding
Make a throw pillow out of an old t-shirt: If your favorite t-shirt is getting too raggedy to wear, turn it into a throw pillow for your bed or couch.
Corner shelf: You can make a pretty corner shelf in an urn shape with wood, wood glue and wood screws only.
Bean bag chair: Threadbanger’s video tutorial shows you how to make your own colorful bean bag chair, a dorm room must-have.


Get a reversible comforter: When shopping for bedding, ask your parents to buy a reversible comforter, so you can switch it (for free) any time you get bored.
Bed risers: Bed risers make your room look larger. Paint them a fun color to make them fit in with the rest of your room.
Switch up your sheets: If you get board with your bedding, it will be cheaper to buy new sheets, so buy an extra set in a bright color or unexpected pattern. You can also try dyeing them for a more economical solution.
Give your night stand a makeover: If your night stand is cheap and ugly, sand and paint it so that it’s something you’re proud to show off.
 shui your bedroom: Rearranging your furniture is 100% free
Parties and Holidays
When you throw a party or study group session in your room, you want to make sure everyone is impressed with your style and creativity. Here are simple ways to improve lighting and create the perfect party atmosphere.
Spray paint pine cones and branches: Clean up your yard by picking up random branches and pine cones, and then spray painting them gold or silver for a winter arrangement.


Sun Jars: These four sun jars create very cool lighting for a party, and cost under $20 to make (if you have basic tools
Laundry line: String up a laundry line and clip Christmas lights, ticket stubs, photos and other knick knakcs for extra decoration that you can easily take down.
Lava lamp: You can make the Poor Man’s Lava lamp with mineral oil, rubbing alcohol and water.

Use candy: Buy colorful candies like M&Ms or Sour Patch Kids and pour them into clear bottles or bowls for extra 
image.jpegDuct tape projects: This list contains 100 awesome ways to use duct tape in your dorm room for decorations, organization, accessories and more.
DIY Cardboard Hipster Frames: Switch up your picture frames every once in a while with these hipster designs.
Get a rug: Find a decorative rug at a consignment store to add color to your room and insulate the floors so you’re warmer in the wintertime. Just make sure you wash it first.
Dividing curtain: Use sheer fabric or a pretty shower curtain (hung up properly) to divide space, close off an open closet, or over your windows.
Book stacks: Instead of leaving all your textbooks and library books in a heap on the floor, arrange them in an architectural stack .
Wrap your storage containers in fabric: Turn ugly storage boxes into pretty, stackable decorations when you wrap them in fabric.
Glow-stick lamp: Fashion a reading lamp out of glow-sticks you’ve collected at holiday parties and concerts.
Turn wine bottles into vases: Clean empty wine bottles and then use them as candlestick holders or flower vases.
From freshening up your room to keeping things simple, here are even more practically free ways to make your dorm room more stylish.
Get a plant: Plants add color and life and can even improve air quality.
Scented candles: Candles can get expensive fast, so try making your own to brighten and freshen up your room.
Remember, less is more: If you have a very small space, you may need to streamline your decorations and use cooler colors to make it look cleaner and more relaxing.