Bedroom Crafts! :)

Bedroom crafts!


Here are some ways to refresh your bedroom without giving it a brand new makeover!





Pillows: Add pillows. You can buy pillows or you can make one from scratch, or I’ve seen at Hobby Lobby pillows that are already stuffed but are white, so you could make a pillowcase for it and maybe even add letters to that say “Love” or whatever you want. Or you could decorate it with fabric markers. The pillows come in different sizes too!


Blanket: You don’t have to change your comforter to change your bedspread. You can add a blanket to the edge of your bed to add a new look!





Flowers: Take the flower off the stem of a fake flower. Use poster putty to stick them on the wall.


Frames: Frame cute scrapbook paper or artwork on you wall.



This is all I thought of for now but I’ll add more later.

One tip I strongly suggest is keep your room clean! I have realized I love my room the most when it’s clean. Keeping your room neat and organized makes it easier to clean later. Instead throwing your backpack, clothes, etc. on your bed or the floor take the time to put it away, that way later you don’t have a big mound of stuff to pick up. It will also make your mom happy!






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