Reason for the Season.

Christmas rush.
What is it? Well, buying presents, putting up decorations, and for some of us, helping cook.
Sometimes you just want a few minutes to chill, listen to music, call a friend, or read a book.
But, if you get a chance to chill, you should focus more on Jesus, the Reason for the Season. You may need to get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to read your Bible. After all, if your going to celebrate Jesus’ birth (AKA Christmas), then u should spend a little (okay, a LOT!!) of time with Him!
Jesus was born in a manger. He is God. God is Him. He lived a perfect life, never doing anything wrong, and then he died on a sinner’s cross. He is the ultimate sacrifice. And in order to get to Heaven we must be perfect. SINLESS. Which, we all know, CAN’T happen. But when we accept Jesus into our hearts God sees the perfect (Jesus) in us and we are able to spend eternity celebrating in Heaven with Him!! 🙂
During Christmas time, especially, we need to learn to lean on Jesus, with all the stress in chaos. You need a little relief, Jesus is that relief.
By, Haley
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