How To Dip Dye Your Hair With Kool Aid

Hey guyssss! 

So a few months ago the weekend before school ended I dip dyed my hair with Color Jam hair color in pink. The first few days were great but only about after a week it started to wash out. And yes I bleached it before putting the pink in. So I decided I would take a family friends advice and use Splat hair color, once again it washed out in a week or two and was just barely there. So finally today I used Kool Aid and colored my hair! It turned out quite amazing and I’ve heard it stays in for awhile and it doesn’t cost much at all. Its nothing compared to the near $16 I spent on other “fancy” high dollar hair dye. So here’s how its done 🙂

Step 1: Pick what color you want to do your ends. You don’t have to bleach them unless you want the color to be bright. I used Strawberry and it came out BRIGHT red. I am diggin’ it honestly 😀 Mixed berry works great as blue and cherry works as red.

Step 2: put your hair in two pigtails and then use ponytail holders to mark how far up you want it to go. 

Step 3: Boil two cups of water.

Step 3: Pour in three to six packets of Kool aid depending on how dark your hair is. The darker your hair the more packets. Mine is bleach blonde aka white and I used three packets.

Step 4: Get two coffee mugs (I used the kind you can just throw out when your done.) and fill them each with one cup of your mixture.

Step 5: Hold your hair in the mixture to ten to eleven mins.

Step 6: Wash off the Kool Aid and blow dry your hair to see the exact color 😀

I hope this will help someone 🙂

-Ashlyn ❤ Ciao! 


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