Hate working out??

I have to tell u, as much as I think I like working out, I hate it… But here are some SUPER FUN ideas to get some good exercise!! 😀 hope u like them!!!! 😀

1. Head to an arcade with your friends and play air hockey or ping pong! It’s relatively cheap, a great way to bond with your friends and challenge them to a game and something different to do! Plus, you’ll get your arms moving and help tone them. I love this idea!

2. Take a dance class! If you’re a member of a gym, they almost always offer a few classes from hip-hop to Zumba. What is Zumba? It’s a Brazilian workout that works out your whole body as you dance to the music, it’s one of my all-time favorite things to do!

3. Try taking a rock climbing class! You can have challenges with your friends to see how high you can go, while really working out your legs and butt. This one is not for people scared of heights! But you’re tied to a rope so you won’t fall.

4. Jump rope! This is one of the best cardio exercises. You’ll burn so many calories you won’t believe it! To make it more interesting, make sure you listen to your iPod and download some workout music to help you get pumped up! And get one of those armbands so your iPod won’t slip.

5. Pilates! This is also one of my favorite ways to burn calories. It stretches your muscles and also tones your body all over. If you do it for a month, 3x a week- I promise you’ll see a noticeable difference! Check ahead of time to see if the instructor provides music — that’s even more fun!

6. Try canoeing or rowing a boat! This only works if you live near a lake but it’s also a good way to spend time with your friends!

7. Take a swimming class! Many gyms have nice pools and the classes are free as long as you have a membership. You can start out in an easy class and then once you get more experienced, work your way up to an advanced class! This is one of the all time best exercises to lose weight.

8. Have a hula-hooping contest! This will bring you back to your childhood, and it’s a great way to strengthen your abs! Try and see how many you can do in a row, then try to increase your number. The best length of time to do this is for 20 minutes. The reason is once you hit this length of time you start to get the cardiovascular benefits (which means you burn the most calories!).

9. Go roller skating! Head to a rink with your friends and groove to the music. It’s also a great idea for a date if you have a boyfriend. Or, you can rollerblade outside but make sure to wear a helmet.

10. Play Dance Dance Revolution! This is such a fun game. You get to listen to great music while practicing your steps to perfect the dance to the song! I LOVE this game. Look up Youtube’s ‘dance dance revolution experts’ and you’ll be surprised how many people are obsessed with this game! There are professional contests for the most skilled dancers — it’s pretty funny.

Hope y’all can get out and get some exercise now!!! 😉

-Haley ❤


Look incredible in SECONDS!! :)

Soo here are some super simple ways to look gorgeous in seconds! 😀

  • FULLER LIPS! Ur lips will be twice as full! After applying lipstick or gloss, tap a lip brush into a shimmery white or pale pink eyeshadow…lightly trace the powder over ur Cupids bow and brush it into the center of ur lower lip!! 🙂 see? super simple!!
  • FRIZZ FREE HAIR! Tame frizz and flyaways with a rich hand cream! warm a good amount in ur hands and glide it throu ur hair 🙂 afterwards, brush ur hair with a boar-bristle paddle brush!! 🙂 ohh but u should consider not using conditioner before u do this!!
  • PRETTY MANICURE!! This is sooo super easy! 🙂 Just do one coat of a shimmery polish, then, dip a clean brush into cuticle oil and glide it over each nail! And it’ll be done drying in 5 MINUTES!! 😀
  • RADIANT GLOW! Wanna runway glow?? after applying ur makeup, lightly coat ur fingertips with a rich facial balm , then, gently tap ur fingertips over the tops of ur cheeks, brow bones, and the bridge of ur nose! and thats all there is to it!! 🙂
  • DRAMATIC LASHES!! This is a two step process 🙂 first, heat ur lash curler with a blow dryer for 10-15 seconds and second, apply one (ONE) coat of a volumizing mascara!!!! All done!! 🙂

I hope these help yall and that u love them!!! 🙂 please comment ur opinion ❤
-Haleyyy ❤ 😉