Summer Style <3

Heya there! here are some of the hottest (and modest!) summer trends and looks! Now that we are entering summer, it’s fun to get some ideas for your fashionable side. Let’s get started!

Here are your summer fashion Do’s:

1. DO: Bright colors–neon and pastels are in style!
Make sure to balance brights with other solid colors. White is always a good way to prevent too many color clashes. Also, MINT is the color of spring and summer–think mint ice cream!

2. DO: Pearls
Pearls are a great way to accessorize and have a classy look.

3. DO: The new braided crowns and hair twists

4. DO: Prints
Fun, bright prints are in style! Many fashionistas are wearing printed and brightly colored pants for a casual fun, look.

5. DO: Flower accessories and headbands
Flowers add a tropical feel and breezy look…who doesn’t love flowers?! Also, the hippie headband look is totally in!

6. DO: Wild nails!
Dress up your nails with crackle nail polish, bright neon colors or even make your own design for a fun look!

7. DO: Vintage one piece swimsuits
One piece suits are in style and are not only classy, but also are cute!

8. DO: Long shorts
Longer, more comfortable shorts are in style this season! Pair them with a striped top to get a nautical, fresh look!

9. DO: Stripes!
Black and white is in this season, so mix and match! Have a blast with it!

10. DO: Patterned sunglasses
Aviators are in this season, as are sunglasses with a little floral pattern! Keep an eye out for these!



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