Longer and softer hair!

Hey y’all! It’s Haley! I recently read that if u apply organic (I’m using organic virgin) coconut oil to ur hair ur hair will grow 10cm in a month! (Applied 3-4 times a week!) and I’ve been using it! But here’s the deal, I only wanted to grow it out, and now I’m realizing how incredibly soft my hair is! And I’ve only done it twice!! So here’s what I’m doing!

1) put about 1/3 a cup of coconut oil in a jar or cup of some sort (I’m using a plain plastic cup) (you won’t use all of the coconut oil this time, save it for the next time)
2) take it into the shower with u
3) apply a generous amount (I use one and a half times the amount of conditioner I use)
4) rinse it out
5) get twice the shampoo u normally use and create nice, rich suds.
6) wash the shampoo out
7) apply regular amount of shampoo (yes ur washing it twice) and leave the shampoo in while u wash ur body
8) wash out the shampoo, making sure ur hair line (around ur face) isn’t greasy feeling.
9) ur all done! Enjoy ur fabulous hair!

Tell me if this is working for u also!


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