Ice Cubes for Beauty!!!!

Ladies, this week’s natural beauty product may surprise you. Not only because it’s so simple, but because it’s available to everyone and you don’t have to buy it! Ready? Ice cubes!
Before applying ice cubes to the face, first wrap them in a clean cotton cloth.
Ice cubes are great for the following beauty treatments:
Give your skin a healthy glow by rubbing ice cubes on your face daily. It not only improves your blood circulation, but also leaves you with a fresh look and dewy complexion.
Minimize excess oil by massaging ice cubes onto your face until they melt. Do this once a week and you’ll also notice that it’s effective in tightening the skin and shrinking large pores.
Apply ice cubes to the face before your makeup. It acts as a toner. And because it reduces the pores, your foundation will look smoother and your makeup will last longer.
Reduce redness and swelling caused by acne. Just rub ice cubes on trouble areas before bed.
Cool and hydrate your skin in the heat with ice cubes…they will keep your face looking fresher!
Cool sunburned skin and heat rash by rubbing ice cubes on affected areas.
Note: Whenever you use ice cubes in your beauty regimen, make sure that you don’t apply them directly to the skin, as that can cause damage. Wrap them as mentioned above. Additionally, don’t use more than a couple and don’t use them excessively. Too much can be bad for the skin!
Ladies, did you know that ice cubes were such a great beauty product? Do you know of any other ways they can help enhance your natural beauty?


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