Ask Ashlyn…….

Hey girls,

Well I am Ashlyn! I wanted to start a website 4 a magazine that my friends and I were making so well I did and my friend Haley said that I should have an ask Ashlyn page so u can ask me anything u like!! So come on start ASKING!!!! You can ask me questions about anything! And if you don’t want to post it on the website I have the email set up on my phone so y’all can email me there! I love getting questions and answering them to help girls out! Just go to the contact us at the top and the email address is on there!!!


26 thoughts on “Ask Ashlyn…….

    • There’s a book called “Making brothers and sisters best friends” by Sarah Mally might wanna check it out….

    • I know that you posted this in May or June and that I’m replying late, but here’s what I think.
      I know that sometimes it’s hard (I annoy my siblings and they annoy me, you know, it’s typical!), but just try to calm down and “keep the peace” and count to 10 before saying anything. Sure, tell your parents and have them be in control instead of your temper.
      Hope it helps!

  1. Well Haley, 1 tell ur parents 2 I would ask them to stop nicely 3 If they don’t stop just don’t answer them and don’t act when the do something, If u act it is giving them the attention they want and/or need…..

  2. Hey! I need help! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a keyboard(piano) for Christmas, but my mom has said no ever since I asked first. Any ideas on how 2 prove I will not give up playing it???? Please reply soon?!

  3. I need help!! There r kids in my neighbor
    hood (boys) that r driving me crazy!! They
    r all younger than me and r just plain mean!
    Not the “i like u so im gonna be mean 2 u” ,
    the “im mean and u r the easyest to pick on”
    What do i do! 1 actually has been calling me
    ugly! I actually got tired of it and punched him
    In the face! Now every one knows about it!
    I am NOT proud of it! My parents say i did the
    Right thing by standing up for myself but i
    Dint think i should have done it!

    What do i do!?!?!

    Ps i dint care if u put this online

    • When they say mean things to u, act like they were saying it about themselves. Or, next time they r mean u can just say “u don’t have to hide the fact that u like me. Its not that weird”. And even if they don’t like U maybe they will think that it is causing u to think that they do. Also, about the punch thing. I think that ur parents were right, u were defending urself. But, I do advise that urself get so mad about it next time. Maybe pick on them just a little to get them 2 leave u alone.

      • Thanks! I don’t really feel that bad anymore i know he was just trying 2 look “cool” fot the other boys.

        Btw….. This is Kendall S……….

        I didnt want to admit it at first but now i dont feel bad about it any more! Thanks!

  4. Hi, I am Ashlyn! (Obviously lol) Anyways! I have never personally had younger boys pick on me but I have been picked on once or twice by younger people! I don’t know how old you are or the boys are but personally I would have punched them in the face as well. Younger kids tend to like this stupid thing called attention… We all like but younger kids that r not teens like to get it by annoying others so they can get punched in the face and boom they have attention. All you have to do is ignore them. They want attention and they want to pull u down therefore you can’t let them bring you down and you can’t give them the attention they need. If you give them any attention make sure it is nice and they will relize you are a very sweet girl just trying to make it though school like the rest of us! 🙂 Let me know if you need anything else! Feel free to email us if you have anything super personal! 🙂 Hope this helped!

  5. Hey girls! I am Ashlyn the girl who started this page! 🙂 I thought I would ask something on here cause maybe y’all may have been in the situation I am in! So yesturday I was jumping on my trampoline and I was doing cartwheels with no hands, and I landed on my neck. My neck has been hurting but I don’t want to go to the doctor. I asked a guy from my school who plays soccer and has injurys a lot but he said to drink lots of water because I felt dizzy… While yes that helps with the dizzyness do any of y’all know what to do for my neck?

  6. I’d get a hot pad. Its like a ice pack, but u plug it into the wall and it heats up… that may help. Or use an ice pack. I also suggest sleeping a different way then u usually do. So if u r a side sleeper, sleep on ur back with ur head faced whatever way u usually sleep on… that usually help!!!
    Hope u feel better!!! I’ll be praying 4 ya!!


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