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Winter Bucket List!!

I am sooi doing this and I hope u do too! HAVE FUN!! 😉

1. Make snow ice cream.

2. Collect mittens, scarves, and hats for people who need them.

3. Build a snowman.

4. Drink hot cocoa.

5. Watch Frosty the Snowman together.

6. Memorize Isaiah 9:6-7 together.

7. Make snow candy.

8. Hang suet treats in the trees for birds.

9. Make paper snowflakes.

10. Go ice skating.

11. Take treats to a nursing home or an elderly neighbor.

12. After a fresh snow, go on a walk and look for animal tracks.

13. Have a game or puzzle night.

14. Make homemade marshmallows.

15. Put food coloring and water in spray bottles and go “paint” the snow!

16. Grow crystal snowflakes.

17. Keep a winter bird watch log.

18. Make snowflake tortillas.

19. Go sledding!

20. String cranberries and popcorn and put them in trees for forest friends.

21. Have an old fashioned taffy pull!

22. Drink some hot apple cider.

23. Make GIANT paper snowflakes!

24. Shovel the snow off the sidewalk for a neighbor.

25. Go on a winter scavenger hunt.

26. Make snow angels.

27. Build an igloo or snow fort.

28. Make an ice man.

29. Ask local friends and family to help you gather food for a food pantry.

30.  Examine snowflakes.

31. Make winter sun catchers.

32. Check out library books about polar animals.

33. Make S’mores in the oven.

34. Go out on a not-so-horribly-cold night and look at the winter constellations.

35. Spread a tablecloth on the floor and have an indoor picnic.

36. Movie night!

37. Spread shaving cream all over the table and add cars and plastic toys for some indoor “snow” play.

38. Make snowball cookies and take some to a neighbor.

39. Learn all about Snowflake Bentley.

40. Snowball fight!

41. Make sparkly snow play-doh.

42. Eat some snowman biscuits.

43. Build a tent and read books together.

44. Create indoor ice sculptures.

45. Make some snow globes.




Ice Cubes for Beauty!!!!

Ladies, this week’s natural beauty product may surprise you. Not only because it’s so simple, but because it’s available to everyone and you don’t have to buy it! Ready? Ice cubes!
Before applying ice cubes to the face, first wrap them in a clean cotton cloth.
Ice cubes are great for the following beauty treatments:
Give your skin a healthy glow by rubbing ice cubes on your face daily. It not only improves your blood circulation, but also leaves you with a fresh look and dewy complexion.
Minimize excess oil by massaging ice cubes onto your face until they melt. Do this once a week and you’ll also notice that it’s effective in tightening the skin and shrinking large pores.
Apply ice cubes to the face before your makeup. It acts as a toner. And because it reduces the pores, your foundation will look smoother and your makeup will last longer.
Reduce redness and swelling caused by acne. Just rub ice cubes on trouble areas before bed.
Cool and hydrate your skin in the heat with ice cubes…they will keep your face looking fresher!
Cool sunburned skin and heat rash by rubbing ice cubes on affected areas.
Note: Whenever you use ice cubes in your beauty regimen, make sure that you don’t apply them directly to the skin, as that can cause damage. Wrap them as mentioned above. Additionally, don’t use more than a couple and don’t use them excessively. Too much can be bad for the skin!
Ladies, did you know that ice cubes were such a great beauty product? Do you know of any other ways they can help enhance your natural beauty?

Longer and softer hair!

Hey y’all! It’s Haley! I recently read that if u apply organic (I’m using organic virgin) coconut oil to ur hair ur hair will grow 10cm in a month! (Applied 3-4 times a week!) and I’ve been using it! But here’s the deal, I only wanted to grow it out, and now I’m realizing how incredibly soft my hair is! And I’ve only done it twice!! So here’s what I’m doing!

1) put about 1/3 a cup of coconut oil in a jar or cup of some sort (I’m using a plain plastic cup) (you won’t use all of the coconut oil this time, save it for the next time)
2) take it into the shower with u
3) apply a generous amount (I use one and a half times the amount of conditioner I use)
4) rinse it out
5) get twice the shampoo u normally use and create nice, rich suds.
6) wash the shampoo out
7) apply regular amount of shampoo (yes ur washing it twice) and leave the shampoo in while u wash ur body
8) wash out the shampoo, making sure ur hair line (around ur face) isn’t greasy feeling.
9) ur all done! Enjoy ur fabulous hair!

Tell me if this is working for u also!

8 Reasons U Need Honey

Hey girlies!! Are y’all a fan of honey? Do you always have a batch in your pantry? Good! Because honey is not only delicious and good for you to eat, but it’s also a fantastic beauty product!

In fact, honey is filled with vitamins and minerals, and it also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Additionally, it acts as a humectant, which means it attracts moisture. But the best thing about honey is that it has amazing healing properties, so it does wonders for your skin and hair!

Honey is great for the following beauty treatments:

1) Moisturize and hydrate your complexion with honey! Just apply it to the face as a natural skin cleanser. Spread a thin layer on your skin and leave it on for a couple of minutes, then rinse with warm water. Or leave it on for 10 minutes as a mask. It also will soften your skin, and as you get older, it keeps your skin looking younger!
2) Because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, honey is great for reducing acne breakouts and blemishes. Honey actually heals the skin!
3) You can apply honey to dry, chapped lips as a moisturizer.
4) Enrich your hair by adding honey to your shampoo! It’s great for moisture. 5) Or mix 2 parts honey and 3 parts olive oil for a nourishing conditioner.
6) Use honey to moisturize and hydrate the body by adding it to your bath. Or consider applying it as a full body mask! It’s sticky, but it works.
7) Soothe sunburns by dabbing honey on affected areas.
8) Reduce the appearance of scars by applying honey and a bandage to affected areas at night. It’s even effective on keloids! Remove and cleanse in the morning and repeat again at night.

Purchase pure organic honey for best results. And if you have sensitive skin, apply honey to a small area first to test your skin’s reaction.

Hope this helps!

Summer Style <3

Heya there! here are some of the hottest (and modest!) summer trends and looks! Now that we are entering summer, it’s fun to get some ideas for your fashionable side. Let’s get started!

Here are your summer fashion Do’s:

1. DO: Bright colors–neon and pastels are in style!
Make sure to balance brights with other solid colors. White is always a good way to prevent too many color clashes. Also, MINT is the color of spring and summer–think mint ice cream!

2. DO: Pearls
Pearls are a great way to accessorize and have a classy look.

3. DO: The new braided crowns and hair twists

4. DO: Prints
Fun, bright prints are in style! Many fashionistas are wearing printed and brightly colored pants for a casual fun, look.

5. DO: Flower accessories and headbands
Flowers add a tropical feel and breezy look…who doesn’t love flowers?! Also, the hippie headband look is totally in!

6. DO: Wild nails!
Dress up your nails with crackle nail polish, bright neon colors or even make your own design for a fun look!

7. DO: Vintage one piece swimsuits
One piece suits are in style and are not only classy, but also are cute!

8. DO: Long shorts
Longer, more comfortable shorts are in style this season! Pair them with a striped top to get a nautical, fresh look!

9. DO: Stripes!
Black and white is in this season, so mix and match! Have a blast with it!

10. DO: Patterned sunglasses
Aviators are in this season, as are sunglasses with a little floral pattern! Keep an eye out for these!


Hate working out??

I have to tell u, as much as I think I like working out, I hate it… But here are some SUPER FUN ideas to get some good exercise!! 😀 hope u like them!!!! 😀

1. Head to an arcade with your friends and play air hockey or ping pong! It’s relatively cheap, a great way to bond with your friends and challenge them to a game and something different to do! Plus, you’ll get your arms moving and help tone them. I love this idea!

2. Take a dance class! If you’re a member of a gym, they almost always offer a few classes from hip-hop to Zumba. What is Zumba? It’s a Brazilian workout that works out your whole body as you dance to the music, it’s one of my all-time favorite things to do!

3. Try taking a rock climbing class! You can have challenges with your friends to see how high you can go, while really working out your legs and butt. This one is not for people scared of heights! But you’re tied to a rope so you won’t fall.

4. Jump rope! This is one of the best cardio exercises. You’ll burn so many calories you won’t believe it! To make it more interesting, make sure you listen to your iPod and download some workout music to help you get pumped up! And get one of those armbands so your iPod won’t slip.

5. Pilates! This is also one of my favorite ways to burn calories. It stretches your muscles and also tones your body all over. If you do it for a month, 3x a week- I promise you’ll see a noticeable difference! Check ahead of time to see if the instructor provides music — that’s even more fun!

6. Try canoeing or rowing a boat! This only works if you live near a lake but it’s also a good way to spend time with your friends!

7. Take a swimming class! Many gyms have nice pools and the classes are free as long as you have a membership. You can start out in an easy class and then once you get more experienced, work your way up to an advanced class! This is one of the all time best exercises to lose weight.

8. Have a hula-hooping contest! This will bring you back to your childhood, and it’s a great way to strengthen your abs! Try and see how many you can do in a row, then try to increase your number. The best length of time to do this is for 20 minutes. The reason is once you hit this length of time you start to get the cardiovascular benefits (which means you burn the most calories!).

9. Go roller skating! Head to a rink with your friends and groove to the music. It’s also a great idea for a date if you have a boyfriend. Or, you can rollerblade outside but make sure to wear a helmet.

10. Play Dance Dance Revolution! This is such a fun game. You get to listen to great music while practicing your steps to perfect the dance to the song! I LOVE this game. Look up Youtube’s ‘dance dance revolution experts’ and you’ll be surprised how many people are obsessed with this game! There are professional contests for the most skilled dancers — it’s pretty funny.

Hope y’all can get out and get some exercise now!!! 😉

-Haley ❤