Look incredible in SECONDS!! :)

Soo here are some super simple ways to look gorgeous in seconds! 😀

  • FULLER LIPS! Ur lips will be twice as full! After applying lipstick or gloss, tap a lip brush into a shimmery white or pale pink eyeshadow…lightly trace the powder over ur Cupids bow and brush it into the center of ur lower lip!! 🙂 see? super simple!!
  • FRIZZ FREE HAIR! Tame frizz and flyaways with a rich hand cream! warm a good amount in ur hands and glide it throu ur hair 🙂 afterwards, brush ur hair with a boar-bristle paddle brush!! 🙂 ohh but u should consider not using conditioner before u do this!!
  • PRETTY MANICURE!! This is sooo super easy! 🙂 Just do one coat of a shimmery polish, then, dip a clean brush into cuticle oil and glide it over each nail! And it’ll be done drying in 5 MINUTES!! 😀
  • RADIANT GLOW! Wanna runway glow?? after applying ur makeup, lightly coat ur fingertips with a rich facial balm , then, gently tap ur fingertips over the tops of ur cheeks, brow bones, and the bridge of ur nose! and thats all there is to it!! 🙂
  • DRAMATIC LASHES!! This is a two step process 🙂 first, heat ur lash curler with a blow dryer for 10-15 seconds and second, apply one (ONE) coat of a volumizing mascara!!!! All done!! 🙂

I hope these help yall and that u love them!!! 🙂 please comment ur opinion ❤
-Haleyyy ❤ 😉


Favorite Songs :)

What are y’alls favorite songs right now? A few of my favorites are:

Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Work hard play hard by David Guetta ft Ne-yo and Akon

Young and beautiful by Lana Del Ray 

The way by Ariana Grande ft mack miller

and so many more 🙂 Soooo what are y’alls favorites? I will try and listen to as many as I can so comment ❤

-Ashlyn ❤ Ciao!

How To Dip Dye Your Hair With Kool Aid

Hey guyssss! 

So a few months ago the weekend before school ended I dip dyed my hair with Color Jam hair color in pink. The first few days were great but only about after a week it started to wash out. And yes I bleached it before putting the pink in. So I decided I would take a family friends advice and use Splat hair color, once again it washed out in a week or two and was just barely there. So finally today I used Kool Aid and colored my hair! It turned out quite amazing and I’ve heard it stays in for awhile and it doesn’t cost much at all. Its nothing compared to the near $16 I spent on other “fancy” high dollar hair dye. So here’s how its done 🙂

Step 1: Pick what color you want to do your ends. You don’t have to bleach them unless you want the color to be bright. I used Strawberry and it came out BRIGHT red. I am diggin’ it honestly 😀 Mixed berry works great as blue and cherry works as red.

Step 2: put your hair in two pigtails and then use ponytail holders to mark how far up you want it to go. 

Step 3: Boil two cups of water.

Step 3: Pour in three to six packets of Kool aid depending on how dark your hair is. The darker your hair the more packets. Mine is bleach blonde aka white and I used three packets.

Step 4: Get two coffee mugs (I used the kind you can just throw out when your done.) and fill them each with one cup of your mixture.

Step 5: Hold your hair in the mixture to ten to eleven mins.

Step 6: Wash off the Kool Aid and blow dry your hair to see the exact color 😀

I hope this will help someone 🙂

-Ashlyn ❤ Ciao! 

Reason for the Season.

Christmas rush.
What is it? Well, buying presents, putting up decorations, and for some of us, helping cook.
Sometimes you just want a few minutes to chill, listen to music, call a friend, or read a book.
But, if you get a chance to chill, you should focus more on Jesus, the Reason for the Season. You may need to get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to read your Bible. After all, if your going to celebrate Jesus’ birth (AKA Christmas), then u should spend a little (okay, a LOT!!) of time with Him!
Jesus was born in a manger. He is God. God is Him. He lived a perfect life, never doing anything wrong, and then he died on a sinner’s cross. He is the ultimate sacrifice. And in order to get to Heaven we must be perfect. SINLESS. Which, we all know, CAN’T happen. But when we accept Jesus into our hearts God sees the perfect (Jesus) in us and we are able to spend eternity celebrating in Heaven with Him!! 🙂
During Christmas time, especially, we need to learn to lean on Jesus, with all the stress in chaos. You need a little relief, Jesus is that relief.
By, Haley
If you have any questions, email me @ KCC.Spruz@aol.com


By; Haley <33 (It’s a story I wrote, and I will continue to write 1 weekly.)

Madison Barker Blog. AKA U can learn from me! 😉
Lemme give you a great big welcome to my blog!! J I go through difficult times. And well, I thought I would just do this to help you through your problems!
They did it again today. They made fun of the one thing I thought was cute. The girls made fun of my jacket. “Where’d you get it? The dumpster?” “She shouldn’t have tried to fit in.” “Ugh, look at her. It doesn’t even look good with those jeans.” I felt hated. It was the “Possy”, and they were out to get me again. Again.
I wondered, why me?
I’m Madison Barker, 14 years old. I go to Uptown Middle School in Dallas, Texas. It’s my last year in the middle school. Then I’ll go to Uptown High.
I walked to the main office. “Madi, what were they doing this time.?” Principal Williams said is a soft, knowing voice.
“They didn’t like my jacket.” I said.
“Well, darling, phooey to them, ‘cause I love it!” She said with a smile.
“Thanks Mrs. Williams.” Mrs. Williams understands me. She is the only person in school that does, well other than my friends.
“How about we go to my office and give their parents a call?”
“Okay. But I don’t want to talk to them.”
“Oh, Madi, your so goofy.” We both smiled. It was nice to be friends with the principal.
After that we went and made the calls. All the parents said they would talk to the girls, but I know that’s a lie. They never actually do.
After that was lunch, and I got Spaghetti and meatballs. Than I met Hannah, Gabriella, Brian, and Troy at our usual table. I will just go ahead and say, we have hardly anything in common, but we are best buds. They are like “my group”. and they know it to.
“Madi! Hurry up! We have great news!” Hannah yelled across the cafeteria. I call her “Mrs. Impatient”, cause she has the patience of a starving baby.
“I’m hurrying, I’m hurrying.” I set down my tray and plopped into my seat. Shredding off my jacket as I sat.
“The Possy hates my jacket.” I said dully, “Figures.”
“Ugh, I hate those girls.” Said Brian.
“Well, quit hatin’ them, ‘cause God says to love them. So just, pray for ‘em. K?” Gabriella said. I smiled. I have the best friends, always putting God first.
“True. And okay. But I still dislike them.” He said. Everyone busted up laughing.
“Bible time guys.” Hannah said, “And hurry.” We laughed again. We opened our Bibles and read as a group. Afterwards, they all prayed and started lunch.
“Mm. Ph-mm-gafmph?” Troy said, after stuffing his face with a meatball.
“Ugh, you’re so gross. Talk when you’re done chewing, please!” Hannah exclaimed. People from the other table looked over. One of the kids made a “wacko” sign by swirling her fingers around her ear. I laughed, and told them to let us have our fun.
“So, now that your done chewing what were you saying?” I asked Troy.
“I was saying, that Hannah’s hair looks nice today.” He said with a smile.
“Really?!” Hannah said with a huge smile.
“Ha-ha. No. I was saying I’m having a party.”
Everyone said awesome, and started asking questions, accept for Hannah, who said “aww”, started looking really bothered.
“What’s the matter, Han?” I asked.
“What he said was rude. Especially since he has done that the past 3 days in a row.” She said, with a frown.
“I’m sorry. Lemme go talk to him about it.”
“Thanks, Madi. You’re the best!” She said with a smile.
I smiled back, then turned to Troy.
“Troy, cant I talk to you for a minute?” She asked.
“Uh, sure.” We stood up and walked a few feet from the table. “What’s up?” He asked.
“Hannah is really upset that you keep playing that trick on her.”
“What? Please, I’m sure she loves it. Otherwise she wouldn’t always act like she didn’t know.” He said in disbelief.
“Yeah, well, guess again. She hates it. So could you please stop doing it?”
“Yeah, sure.” He said walking over to Hannah. “I’m sorry I have been teasing you about your hair lately. I didn’t mean it.”
She smiled, “It’s okay. Thanks for apologizing. And… I’m sorry for yelling at you.”
“It’s cool.” He said smiling. He went back to his seat, and I sat in mine.
“See guys? I big happy family.” I said smiling. “’Cept we aren’t related.” We all laughed. Then the bell rang. Lunch was over, and everyone was disappointed.
I went through my finals few classes and walked home. I got on the computed, did my homework, ate dinner with my family, and went to bed.
Dear God, thank you for the great day. Although, if you would, please make ‘them’ leave me alone tomorrow? Please bless all of them as they sleep. And please bless my friends, my family, and me as we all sleep tonight. Amen
I fell asleep right after my prayer. I guess that happens after a busy day!
I’ll blog again tomorrow.
Ciao, Madi <33

French Braid!

French Braid:
Brush out your hair. Then pick up a bundle of hair where you want the braid to start. Separate the bundle into three equal sections. Cross the right section over the middle. (The right becomes the new middle section.) Then cross the left section over the new middle section. (The left section becomes the new middle section.) Tighten the braid by gently pulling the sections away from one another. Now add more hair to the right section before you keep braiding. Lift a bit of hair from the hairline on the right side, and add it to the right section. Then braid your new right section over the middle section. Lift a small section of hair from the hairline on the left, and add it to the left section. Then braid. Continue, going back and forth to the right and left, tightening as you go. End the braid at the nape of the neck, or do a traditional braid with the remaining hair. At the spot where you want the braid to end, tie off with an elastic. Smooth out any bumps on the sides of your head by gently combing toward the braid. Done!

Chopstix/Pencils Ponytail:
(This can also b made into a bun, by pulling hair into a bun instead of a pony)
Pull the front of your hair into a pony tail on the backside of ur head. Insert pencils/chopstix. And done!

Rope Twists:
(This version is written to frame ur face. But it can be completed anywhere.)
1. Part hair in center. 2. Separate out a 2″ section on the sides of part. 3. Divide the sections in half and twist around each other. There should b 2 seperate rope twists. 4. Tie in rubber bands. Done!

Simple Braids:
1. Repeat steps 1 & 2 of rope braids. 2. Start with one side and braid down side. Tie with rubber band. 3. Repeat on other side. Done!

Sweet Braids:
Part hair just off center. Repeat all of ‘Simple braids’. Bring both braids to back and tie together. Done!

By: Haley


Hey girls! Its Haley! 🙂 Guess what something new that we’re going to start doing is??? CONTESTS! That’s right, I said it! Contests!! 🙂
Our 1st contest will b where u get 2 pick the topic of our next post! 🙂
So just put what u would want the post topic to b and we will randomly select a winner!!!!! 🙂
(We hope to do this every week! So check back soon!)