Finally, a break from school,
Put on your swimsuits,
And join me at the pool,
I’ve been waiting all year long,
It’s time to play ping pong,
Oh brother, it’s Summer.
Deep in the sky at night,
I see something very bright,
It’s seems as far a Mars,
I see so many stars.
Mothers day!
Moms TLC,
Encouraging, lovely,
Positive, spirit-raising, thoughtful,
There’s nothing better than,
Moms TLC.
Miss Popular!!!  By: Haley
She has the cutest hair in school,
So she thinks she’s so cool,
Its so hard to find,
That she used to be so kind,
She was once heard mentioned,
So she think she needs attention.
Girl Power  By: Haley
The girl power,
Is like a flower,
Strong and proud,
Fun and loud.
When It Rains!
When it starts to rain,
Oh, I have to stop,
There is no pain,
It that light drop,
Oh, the way it tickles my cheeks,
And slides down my face,
And hits the concrete,
Then only leaves a light trace.
Christmas Time!
Christmas time is here,
Time for joy and for cheer,
But we always loose sight,
Of what happened on Christmas night,
God came down and was born in a stable,
Born among the lowest people,
In His love, and in His light,
He is the reason for this Christmas night.

21 thoughts on “Poems!!

  1. Nice poems, Haley! Have you made any more? I think having poems in our website is a good idea! Your position could also be making poems if that’s all right with Chloe and Ashlyn…:)

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