Hello here is a poll for you girls to do just put your choice in the comments!

1st poll
Which bite sized candy is the best?
1:Sour patch kids
2: M&Ms
3: Skittles
4: Jr. mints
5: Other
What is the cutest Animal?
1: Dogs
2: Cats
3: Bunnys
4: Monkeys
5: Pandas
6: Other
What is the Prettiest Flower?
1: Lillys
2: Roses
3: Mary golds
4: Tulips
5: Orchids
6: Other

25 thoughts on “Polls

  1. No hair length is better than the other, it just depends on what the person likes.
    I don’t know which is the best hair product (I just use what Mom buys me which works fine 😉 and I don’t wear make-up. But I think webkinz is the best website. 😀

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